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ConfidentlyME Program

Sowing Seeds of  Wisdom


Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Services

A Safe Haven

School of Women officers advocacy, shelter, and support services to survivors of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking through our ConfidentlyME Program. Our 24-hour crisis hotline provides information, safety planning, and intake into shelter.  In addition, School of Women offers education and prevention surrounding Domestic Violence by presenting to interested groups, parties, and organizations as well as providing professional trainings.

Victim Service Advocacy

Here for You

School of Women, Inc. has dedicated advocates  and outreach services for Dallas County, have access to court and individual advocacy, financial assistance, and the full range of ConfidentlyME services. Our court advocates meet survivors at court and are with them to answer questions and provide support. Community advocates help those members of the community outside of shelter who need ConfidentlyME service.

Person Writing
Psychology Patient

Counseling Services

Our Approach

Individualized counseling helps women and children heal from the impact of trauma that can linger long after the abuse has ended. In addition, group counseling sessions and weekly group meetings give clients a chance to share their stories with others who share similar experiences so they can understand that they are not alone.

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