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HOPEWorks Community Program


Financial Empowerment

You Are Not Alone

Survivors of domestic violence face serious challenges. Many struggle to find a safe place to live and put food on the table. Others struggle to find and hold a job. Protecting one’s money and other assets can also be a challenge.  HOPEWorks is designed to help survivors overcome the challenges they will meet from economic insecurity.  It explores many of the choices that may present themselves that hinders them to become  independent from their abusers. It also identifies community resources to help survivors build financially independent lives.

Economic Empowerment

Promoting Long Term Stability

HOPEWorks Community Program provides specific individually tailored initiatives to victims in the following critical areas:
Facilitating career workshops
Maintaining a computer center equipped with office and resume software
Linking survivors to soft skills building opportunities
Providing access to GED information 
Partnering with organizations to enhance access to higher education
Partnering with local businesses to provide employment, volunteer and mentorship opportunities
Partnering with organizations that provide job skills training

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Clipped Wings Maternity Program

Our Promise to the Broken Hearted

The purpose of Clipped Wings is to foster a community commitment to expecting, low-income single mothers in the community that helps shape their personal, emotional, and financial stability. We provide coaching, instruction, tools and resources that shift young families towards a brighter future by encouraging the on-going well-being of the child, personal well being of the mother, and the financial well-being of the household.

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